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Type & Size

1. Zebra Jasper Square 22mm x 22mm

2. Pink Peruvian Opal Drops 40mm x 11mm

3. Red Jasper Moss Agate Drops 22mm x 16mm

4. Red Jasper Moss Agate Drops 42mm x 16mm

5. Lapis Round 25mm

6. Pink Peruvian Opal Drops 46mm x 12mm

7. Botswana Agate Oval Drops 40mm x 14mm

8. Botswana Agate Rectangles 35mm x  12mm

9. Lapis Drops 42mm x 16mm

10. Botswana Agate Tapered Rectangles 35mm x  15mm


Amount per package: 1 matched pair.

Select from dropdown.

Kate's Notes: Kate handpicked these scrumptious matched semi-precious pairs. These pieces are perfect for simple wire wrapped earring projects or a matched necklace set.

Semi Precious Pairs

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